Meet AdviseAire Founder Bill King

In 1995, Bill King became Vice President of Centurion Data Systems, a privately held technology service provider located in Waukesha, WI. At the time CDS had a small group of manufacturing, government, professional service and medical clients. Bill was responsible for marketing, business development and general management.

By 2007, the company had grown to include offices in Pewaukee, WI and Lincolnshire, IL and served a much larger group of diverse business clients.  Bill successfully positioned CDS, over a fifteen year period, as an innovative leader in delivering business technology services.

Here is what others say about Bill King:

Jerry Trepanier, EMC Engineer/Project Leader, GE Healthcare
“I have known Bill for several years. During that time he has continually demonstrated personal initiative and set high goals, developed a plan to achieve them, executed that plan to realize those goals and then set more. In personal relationships he is conscientious and engaging. He has been trustworthy and has high integrity, as evidenced by his success in both his business and cycling relationships. I can be confident in giving Bill a recommendation in that he will succeed in any endeavor undertaken.”

Scott Rice, Senior Account Executive, HM Graphics
“I am pleased to endorse Bill King. Bill takes great pride in ensuring the success of others. He places high value in making certain the needs of his clients are met. His detailed and in-depth knowledge are the basis of his application of professional advice. Bill’s professional candor and honest approach bring great credit to himself and his organization. Bill’s straight forward approach is what first attracted me to him. In today’s environment I appreciate Bill’s attention and detail. I give Bill King my full recommendation.”