Piloting Others Through Turbulent Times

When we lost our dad to cancer in 2007, we lost a best friend and our co-pilot in life. We lost the man who lifted us to new heights. After Dad was gone we began the inevitable process of funeral planning, adjusting to life without him, trying to understand estate planning issues and deadlines, making decisions about how to move forward and, most importantly, helping Mom with her needs and future planning.

Almost a year had flown by before we turned our attention to the three aircraft, two hangars and the related aviation accessories dad owned. As a pilot, I knew what to do. But we thought about families that might not have that luxury, trying to deal with both the loss of a loved one and routine estate issues, along with specialty estate assets like those related to aviation. That’s too much for any one family to handle, and that’s why we formed AdviseAire.

Besides our love of flying, aviation knowledge and a broad network of aircraft-related resources, we’re also successful business owners. We’re committed to our Client Bill of Rights, which is all about people, consistency and high quality interactions. Our reputation depends on being committed to your objectives. You can expect a standard of service founded on our accountability, politeness, a respect for you, and relevant knowledge of the services we provide.

Our father left us with more than aircraft and aviation assets, he passed on his passion for the skies and the freedom of flight, the inspiration to pursue our dreams and the legacy of making a difference in the lives of others.

Meet Bill King - Founder, AdviseAire